A little cruise mood !!!! Yesterday he completed the upgrade closet for customers …

🚢⚓️⛴🛳 A little bit of a cruising mood !!!! Yesterday I completed a wardrobe update for a man's client and in the evening I asked myself what was the yacht ???? Where to start? Stripped waistcoat ????
And above all – the reason – stockings with anchors😂😂😂 So:
Let's start with a blazer !!! This is an informal jacket, originally a dark blue shade of Navi blue with metal buttons.

The double-breasted jacket came from Britain, the formal clothing of the British navy.
Gieves & Hawkes, a traditionally serving naval force, is also the largest Navi blue blazer supplier.

The single-breasted jacket has other roots: it is the grandson of the club's history. The club clubs of 19th century English rowing clubs were not only dark blue. It also had crests and stripes e

Forward !!! Obuv😊

The most marine – topsiders!
Presented in a box

The color palette is white, red and blue !!!! This season is a print of chains, anchors and fish # along the wind 🛳🚢⚓️🛥🚤⛵️🛶⛱ More importantly !!! What brands ????
This is obviously @paulandshark @marina_yahting @massimodutti @tommi_hilfiger_
And more expensive @ralphlauren

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